John McCaskill

johnJohn McCaskill is Professor of Theoretical Biochemistry (D.Phil. Oxford, 1982 in Chemistry) with over twenty-five years experience in the evolutionary biotechnology sector. Currently he is a visiting professor at theUniversity of Bochumand is head of the Biomolecular Information Processing Research Team. McCaskill worked with Nobel Prize winner Manfred Eigen on the foundations of evolutionary biotechnology, has extensive experience in coordinating large projects with science and industry, including the coordination of the EU projects Programmable Artificial Cell Evolution (PACE) and Electronic Chemical Cells (ECCell). With over70 scientific publicationshimself, he has managed teams of researchers since 1987, and led research departments in this area since 1992. He is cofounder ofProtostream GmbHand was a founding director of theEuropean Center for Living Technology.

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